Church at Home Contemplative Worship service for October 3rd, 2020

Refresh your spirit as you listen, watch and participate in this beautiful and holy time of music, prayer, reading of the Holy Scripture and the Holy Eucharist. Prepare your hearts for a rest and refreshing. Click below to access the bulletin for this service and to participate from home. To view the video for this service click below and allow your spirit to be filled with joy.

Blue Christmas Service

We began our beautiful service tonight with the following prayer: God of abundant mercy, you have given us grace to pray with one heart and one voice, even though our hearts are broken and our voices tremble with grief and sorrow. Comfort, comfort, Lord, your holy people. Comfort those of us who sit in darkness, mourning beneath our sorrow’s load. Speak to us of the peace that awaits us, of the balm of healing for our weary and wounded souls.…

Celtic Spirituality

Each week, about 15 of us gather together, share a meal, listen to the reading of a book regarding Old Growth Forests, and then engage in a lively conversation around the content in John Phillip Newell’s book, Christ of the Celts, the Healing of Creation. This eloquent and poetic book shares with us the ideals and truths of Celtic Spirituality, such as we are all made in the image of God, we are God’s beloved, and we are intrinsically connected…

Taking a risk for love – Proper 28 Year A

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church The Rev. Barbara Hutchinson Proper 28 Year A November 19, 2017   Last week we called her Mary, the one who was scorned, the one who was shut out from the lavish wedding feast, the one punished because she didn’t have her life all put together, or the one who didn’t have the resources to purchase extra oil for her lamp (maybe because she had shared with others because they had none and she had extra),…