Worship Service Videos

Worship Service Videos

Feast Day of Mary Magdalene Recorded Worship for 7/22/21

We invite you to enter into the life and witness of Mary Magdalene, a close companion, trusted friend, and wise advisor to Jesus — and the first Apostle as Jesus sent her off to proclaim the glory of his resurrection. Through prayer, scripture, music, reflection, and a liturgy designed to reflect her role in the church, and images showing many different representations of Mary throughout the ages, please settle into our worship.

Livestream Recording

We are grateful that you can engage with our worship through Live stream, available on Sunday mornings, beginning at 10 a.m. We love it that you are a part of our worshiping community. Thank you for your presence and engagement. To view the recording, please click below.

Our Faithfulness in waiting well

To engage in our recorded worship service, please click below: To download a bulletin to fully engage in the worship, please click below: To listen to Mother Barbara’s homily only, please click below: To engage in Mother Barbara’s Moment of Joy, please click below:

Live Stream Service 5/16/21

We are delighted that you worship with us in all ways — in the same space of our lovely sanctuary and at home, in many states. Together, we are the Body of Christ, bound together in our love and mission. We invite you to engage in our worship through our glorious music (especially the postlude), prayer, scripture, sermon, and the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

Church at Home Worship Service 5/9/21

To enter into worship in the safety of your home but in community with the members of St. Andrew’s, please click below. To download the bulletin so you can follow along, please click below. To listen to Mother Barbara’s homily, please click below.