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Healing prayers offered the 1st Sunday of each month.

We look forward to welcoming you.

We Make The Way By Walking Blog

Seeing salvation

Lord, you now have set your servant free * to go in peace as you have promised; For these eyes of mine have seen the Savior, * whom you have prepared for all the world to see: A Light to enlighten the nations, * and the glory of your people Israel. While I was at Holy Cross Monastery in August, I noticed this odd occurrence of my body often sighing. These emphatic exhalations and sighs were not intentional on my…

The Languages of God

Today as I engaged with the paintings at the Prada Museum in Madrid, Spain, I was aware of how both art and liturgy are languages, both of which express and reflect our beliefs about and in God and provide portals into the experience of the holy; with art, of course, using visual images and liturgy using words as the mode of expression. Since the church throughout history has been a major patron of the arts, today we saw a great…


We begin at the beginning …. in the place of our own soul, our own needs, our own yearnings when we begin our pilgrimage.

What’s just happened

Sweaty Sunday

Today we gathered as people who care about our church and want to offer our talents and gifts in many ways. Our grounds now look beautiful and are ready for mulch (which will involve another Sweaty Sunday)! We began with a meal, of course, and had a great Oktoberfest potluck picnic, with sausages, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, sauerkraut, cider and lots of goodies such as pies and donuts. Being nourished in body, we got to work– raking leaves, cutting…

Learning the sacred stories

Today our young people gathered to learn more about our sacred stories which ground and shape our faith, as they will do on the second Sunday of each month. We are using the curriculum Teen Text which takes one of the scriptures heard in church that morning and then pulls it apart — offering context, explaining the story and drawing from our young people the importance of the story. One of the most powerful parts of the time together was…

“Cofee Hour for Kids”

This week at “Coffee Hour for Kids” we read the first Psalm and then asked each other to draw images that came to mind when each of us had heard it. Two big favorites were “the wind” and “the chafe” which after looking it up, we discovered it meant the empty corn husks that fly about int he wind. Each person could only paint with one color because we are going to put the pictures all together to make a…

Latest Sermons

Thanksgiving in the in-between Places

Borders can be places of danger and it is no surprise we want to avoid them- we feel vulnerable there, uncertain and exposed. Sometimes, our journeys into unknown regions can lead us across borders that are not physical. We may be afraid of the shifting borders in our families or our communities, may feel lost in regions of economic, social or political disruption. We may feel the pain of past exiles that have marked us individually or as communities, where the borders of race or gender or country of origin have marked us as “the foreigner.”

Lostness and Foundness and the reckless love of God

In the name of God who loves us, finds us, and carries us safely home, Amen. For those of you who have not yet heard this story, I recently became a foster mommy- to five adorable kittens. On a walk last week, I was admiring a neighbor’s  early fall flowers when I saw something move beneath the leaves. It turned out there were four tiny kittens hiding there, frightened and dehydrated and starving. These four were relatively easy to capture-…

Giving to St. Andrew’s Mission

The giving of ourselves (heart, mind, body, soul, energy, talents, money, and commitment) to accomplish God’s mission in the world is one of the greatest joys of being a Christian.

It is also an investment in your faith as well as in the future of God’s mission among us.

We invite you to make a commitment to our ongoing ministries in 2020. Pledge cards will be available soon in the church and our Parish Life Center. You can always call or email Mother Barbara to talk about your commitment and how it will make a difference in our life in Christ.

One easy way to make sure your support of our ministries is consistent throughout the year, you can sign up for our online giving.

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