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We invite you to worship with us virtually each Sunday morning, by clicking on the link below for Church at Home.

May God continue to bless you in your holy walk with the Risen Christ!

Church at Home Video Services. Worshiping together in heart and spirit.

Church at home worship for 11/15/2020

To engage with our recorded worship video, please click below. We are so glad you have chosen to worship with us. It builds up our part of the Body of Christ so we can radiate Christ’s light and love into the world. To download a bulletin so you can sing along, join in the prayers, and read the weekly announcements, please click below. To engage in the homily alone, please click below.

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What’s just happened

Pastoral Letter

In the midst of the anxiety around the Presidential Election results, Mother Barbara sent a pastoral letter to the congregation, urging them to “be still and know that God is God” and that what happens next begins in our own hearts — and urges us all to “Let us choose love, not hate”. To read her letter, please click here. Please know Mother Barbara is here for you always for pastoral conversations. Please contact her, please email her at…

Marvelous Virtual Choir

Enjoy this beautiful treat of joyful and soulful singing by our St. Andrew’s Virtual Choir. It’s glorious and will lift your soul. If you would like to participate in our Christmas Eve Virtual Choir, please contact Lisa Turchi or Mother Barbara. We’d love to have you — and are able to walk you through the technical process to make it happen.

Universal Christ Book Group

We gathered this week in a time of conversation regarding the book by Richard Rohr, The Universal Christ. What I am noticing that completely delights me is that people are asking very basic questions. One might imagine that means they are at the beginning of their spiritual journey. Oh, not so! It actually means they have travelled quite a distance, so they can begin to wonder and question within their faith, where they are not satisfied with what they were…

Early Church Writings – Gospel of Matthew

We continue our exploration of the Early Church Writings, working our way into the Gospel of Matthew. This past week, we read aloud the first 5 chapters of the gospel and then delved into the historical context, learning about Matthew’s take of Jesus as the “new Moses” and how he built his case for that connection, between the genealogy, wise men, exile into Egypt, baptism, and then the Sermon on the Mount (on the mountain as when Moses received the…

Giving to St. Andrew’s Mission

The giving of ourselves (heart, mind, body, soul, energy, talents, money, and commitment) to accomplish God’s mission in the world is one of the greatest joys of being a Christian. It is also an investment in your faith as well as in the future of God’s mission among us.

We are still, and especially, here for you during this pandemic. Please be here for us in your regular financial support of our ministries.

We ask you to mail in your weekly offering, or set up recurring payments through VANCO, or make contributions through our diocesan safe portal, or create a check payment from your bank, so our ministries can remain supported.

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Exploring our Spiritual Path

Peace Prayer Flags

Sometimes, invitations come across our computer screen and our hearts seem immediately turned toward curiosity and engagement. That was true for me as I saw the offering by Oasis Ministries, through which I did my spiritual director training, for Contemplative Prayer Flags. I must admit, I was also intrigued enough by the thought that we could do this together sometime, so I wanted to see how they oriented this spiritual practice. I gathered my materials: 9” squares of fabric in…

The Closure of the Episcopal Home

For over 93 years. the mission of The Episcopal Home has been to provide the elderly in Central Pennsylvania a safe, loving community, and a supported living environment where they can receive the care they need. Through its long history, The Episcopal Home has been able to maintain the personal dignity of every resident and provide quality care for all those who have chosen to make their home with us. The support of the diocese through the years – both…

Lenten formation class

We gathered to discuss the spiritual practice of “Learn”. This series designed by The Episcopal Church ties each of the 7 spiritual practices to one of the readings during the Great Vigil of Easter. The one chosen for this week was Proverbs, which speaks about the force of wisdom present from before time with God the creator. We engaged with the idea that we are to take time each day to learn “about God” and to “learn God” — in…