Here are some of the meaningful ministries we invite you into at St. Andrew’s.

Stewardship of God’s mission and our resources to support it.

We aim to be good stewards of the mission God has entrusted us with and the resources that support God’s mission here at St. Andrew’s: God’s people, their time, talent, and treasure, and our properties which house our ministries.  There are some very meaningful ways you can be a part of this stewardship ministry.

Sunday Worship Ministries

We come together to celebrate the Holy Eucharist, to be renewed and strengthened for our work in the world, and to join one another in our exploration and deepening of faith. The idea is that liturgy is the “work of the people” and therefore it is our hope and prayer that everyone takes an active role in the leading of worship. Here are the many ways you can be involved:

Parish Reach into the Community

We are called to love our neighbors as ourselves and we do this in many ways, always deepening our friendships with those around us and striving to meet their needs as an expression of our love of Christ.