Here are some of the meaningful ministries we invite you into at St. Andrew’s.

Our “Transforming” Ministries

Congregational life, life lived with others in Christ, is the place where we are baptized, fed and renewed to become the people whose presence the world needs. The transformation process is not just the programs and liturgies we offer. It is an organic web of what we do, how we are with each other, how we grow and learn together, how we allow ourselves to be transformed by our experiences of God and each other, and how our physical space…

Our “Gathering” Ministries

The Holy Spirit gathers us and invites us to come within the Body of Christ. These ministries draw us together, strengthen our parish family, and continually invite us to be transformed by the presence of Christ among us. Here are some of the ways we do that:

Our “Sending” Ministries

“SEND us out to do the work you have given us to do.” We hear this directive at the end of each of our worship services. This means we are to bring our Sunday experience of worship, communion, and community into our ordinary lives to make them extraordinary. We are sent out as the Body of Christ into our family lives, work lives, our society and civic world, and into our neighborhoods, often serving through our ministries at church to…