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Posts by Melanie

Church at Home Service for August 30

To engage with the Worship Video for this weekend, please click below. To access the Church Bulletin so can participate in the singing and responses to the readings please click below.

Church at Home Worship Service for August 23

This week is offered by our Diocese of Central Pennsylvania. We invite you to engage with this worship with our Diocesan staff, highlighting Mother Robyn, who is known and loved by our parish.

Youth confirmation class

Our youth at St Andrew’s Episcopal Church are growing in knowledge and understanding of the Holy Scriptures as they study together and take time to ask many valuable questions. We did an 8 minute youtube romp through all the books of the Bible, spoke of the timeline, origins, the different languages.  Their pre-class work was to take a  virtual tour of the Bible Museum in Washington DC prior to class.  We discovered that there are many Bible translations.  Stay tuned to…

Canon Chris Streeter’s Visit

We were blessed by the presence of The Rev. Canon Chris Streeter this past Sunday. Chris serves on the bishop’s staff as our Canon for Mission Formation and innovation and is leading the Diocesan initiative of Shaped by Faith. It was a joy to have Chris as our Celebrant and Preacher as he led us in an exploration of “love as the great Christian disrupter” of our lives. Chris was able to visit with our members during coffee hour and…

The Closure of the Episcopal Home

For over 93 years. the mission of The Episcopal Home has been to provide the elderly in Central Pennsylvania a safe, loving community, and a supported living environment where they can receive the care they need. Through its long history, The Episcopal Home has been able to maintain the personal dignity of every resident and provide quality care for all those who have chosen to make their home with us. The support of the diocese through the years – both…

Lenten formation class

We gathered to discuss the spiritual practice of “Learn”. This series designed by The Episcopal Church ties each of the 7 spiritual practices to one of the readings during the Great Vigil of Easter. The one chosen for this week was Proverbs, which speaks about the force of wisdom present from before time with God the creator. We engaged with the idea that we are to take time each day to learn “about God” and to “learn God” — in…