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Posts by Melanie

Community meal November 23,2020 5:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Twice a month we are able to provide meals to our neighbors. It is a gift for us to be able to open our hands and hearts and help others — and of course, love is always a two-way street — we are made richer by their involvement in our lives. We are serving “Grab and Go” meals during this time of safety precautions due to the pandemic, but the meals are healthy and prepared with love. If you would…

Church at home worship for 11/15/2020

To engage with our recorded worship video, please click below. We are so glad you have chosen to worship with us. It builds up our part of the Body of Christ so we can radiate Christ’s light and love into the world. To download a bulletin so you can sing along, join in the prayers, and read the weekly announcements, please click below. To engage in the homily alone, please click below.

Church at home worship for 11/1/2020

To download a bulletin so you can sing along, join in the prayers, and read the weekly announcements, please click below. To watch the marvelous Virtual Choir alone, please click below.

Church at Home worship for October 11, 2020

Join us this weekend to worship together virtually. This is a time of beautiful music, Holy Scripture readings, prayer and the Holy Eucharist — PLUS the gift of the music created by Brian Helman, recently recorded. To participate click the link below. Click below for the bulletin to join in with the singing and readings. To listen to Mother Barbara’s call to gratitude for the blessing of God’s grace and love made manifest through the continued recovery of Brian Helman,…

Church at Home Contemplative Worship service for October 3rd, 2020

Refresh your spirit as you listen, watch and participate in this beautiful and holy time of music, prayer, reading of the Holy Scripture and the Holy Eucharist. Prepare your hearts for a rest and refreshing. Click below to access the bulletin for this service and to participate from home. To view the video for this service click below and allow your spirit to be filled with joy.

Church at Home Service for August 30

To engage with the Worship Video for this weekend, please click below. To access the Church Bulletin so can participate in the singing and responses to the readings please click below.

Church at Home Worship Service for August 23

This week is offered by our Diocese of Central Pennsylvania. We invite you to engage with this worship with our Diocesan staff, highlighting Mother Robyn, who is known and loved by our parish.

Youth confirmation class

Our youth at St Andrew’s Episcopal Church are growing in knowledge and understanding of the Holy Scriptures as they study together and take time to ask many valuable questions. We did an 8 minute youtube romp through all the books of the Bible, spoke of the timeline, origins, the different languages.  Their pre-class work was to take a  virtual tour of the Bible Museum in Washington DC prior to class.  We discovered that there are many Bible translations.  Stay tuned to…
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