Spirituality: Knowing God

Spirituality: Knowing God

Spiritual Resources

Although our relationship with God is unique, personal and intimate, our path toward living in and through this relationship benefits from a community around it. At times it can be hard work to “be in God” and to be supported by friends through the journey is incredibly helpful. Sometimes this means gathering with a few close friends to meditate together and other times it means going on a spiritual retreat and other times it means joining an online community that…

Spiritual Resources for Families

We believe our children have, express and live into their spirituality (their relationship with God) and this relationship is to be nurtured by families as well as the church. We often don’t know where to begin though when it comes to developing spiritual practices that will deepen our children’s relationship with God. Here are a few ways to get started. If you’d like more information or want to explore this topic further, please see Mother Barbara.

Prayer Request

Would you like to add a loved one or a friend to our Prayer list? We would be honored to pray for them and with you. Please fill out the form. One way to understand prayer is that it aligns our heart with God’s and connects us to what God is already doing in the situation. May our prayers lift your heart to the knowledge that God loves and cares for you right now, in this moment, and is working…

Spiritual Practices

Just like any other relationship, tending to and deepening our relationship with God takes practice, work, and commitment. Spiritual Practices are tools for us to structure our life so as to include times of regular prayer, contemplation, reflection, and an open stance toward God, so that we may know God and be aware that we are known by God.