Worshipping God in Shippensburg

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Our Summer Worship Schedule continues at 9 am.
this week and next week until we resume two services

on 9/8 when we will worship at 8 and 10 a.m.

Healing prayers offered the 1st Sunday of each month.

What’s just happened

Carson’s baptism

One of the most joyous occasions for a parish family is a baptism of one who becomes, for that moment, the world’s newest member of the Body of Christ. Baptism is a sacred moment that connects the person with the heart of Christ in a brand new way. We were blessed to welcome Carson into our hearts and into the fellowship of all other Christians. To read the sermon preached for us, with him in mind, please click here.

Diocesan A.T. Camino

Many from our diocese got up early each morning to hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail, after having received the hospitality of our fellow church members along the Way. It was a wonderful experience that stretched us in all ways and contributed greatly to our increased spirituality. The bishop led the way and we followed her over rocks, through pastures, deeper into the woods, and finally into good fun and fellowship at the end of the day. St. Andrew’s…

Latest Sermons

It’s Your Move

At the end of the day, the world will either be a more or less kind, compassionate and loving place – And I would add – a more or less united, peaceful, and grace-filled place – Because of your presence. We can choose to water down the way of love so as to never make a mark on the world, to never cause someone to make a choice or consider another option, or bring peace into difficult situations, or we can choose to be as Jesus, impassioned, fueled by the Spirit, and desiring to bring the Kingdom of God in now. It’s your move.

Our Heart’s Treasure

We can know that God loves us enough to want us to accept this gift of the Kingdom without fear, we can long to fill our hearts with true treasure, but first let’s be honest-this is a hard, hard thing to do. It can be profoundly difficult to let go of the familiar to embrace gifts we cannot yet see, allowing our lives to be a tunnel for these things to pass through on their way to bless others. If you have ever felt this way, I hear your heart. It takes commitment to the hard and good work of transformation to understand that the only treasures really worth keeping are the ones we should also give away-things which last forever and cannot be stolen or destroyed- gifts such as love and honor, righteousness and obedience, faithfulness and courage, joy and peace.

Being Rich Toward God

To be “rich toward God”, is to be in balance, where our breathing in of God’s goodness includes our tending to our relationship with God, and our breathing out includes an exhale into our world of truth, love, righteousness, and care for God’s creation and God’s people.

Giving to St. Andrew’s Mission

The giving of ourselves (heart, mind, body, soul, energy, talents, money, and commitment) to accomplish God’s mission in the world is one of the greatest joys of being a Christian.

It is also an investment in your faith as well as in the future of God’s mission among us.

It’s not too late to make a financial commitment to our ministries for 2019. Pledge cards are available in the church and our Parish Life Center. You can always call or email Mother Barbara to talk about your commitment and how it will make a difference in our life in Christ.

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