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We begin at the beginning …. in the place of our own soul, our own needs, our own yearnings when we begin our pilgrimage.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher — Day ??

So yesterday, we continued in the disorientation mode. Exhausted from jet lag, our engaging guide cajoled us to walk into the Old City of Jerusalem. We were going to what certainly can be considered the “holy of holy” places ~ the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. This is where a part of the Calvary Cross upon which Jesus was crucified had been brought by Queen Helena, the structure upon which Jesus’ tomb laid, and the marble slab upon which Jesus’…

Pilgrimage into the heart of Jesus

I am taking the chance of a lifetime and visiting the Holy Land from October 27th through November 7th. As I pour over the guidebooks, I find already a spiritual anticipation and shift beginning within. It’s exciting and scary and soul stretching to think that I’ll “walk in the path of Jesus”. Of course, that’s what we promise to do each week at church, to follow Jesus, so this will be a call to do this literally (walking the Via…