Book Discussion on The Universal Christ

Book Discussion on The Universal Christ

This past week we gathered to explore the ideas in Richard Rohr’s book, The Universal Christ. We meet every other week for lively discussions as well as a contemplative practice that settles our soul, for it is in resting in God that we are restored and can see the broadness and expansiveness of the Risen Christ among us.

This week we began with our contemplative exercise. We engaged in a video of images taken of nature and reflected upon what the images say to us about the nature of God. For Rohr contents, that God is not just the Creator of all things, but is revealed in all things — which means we can learn about the nature of God and be in relationship with God by engaging with nature and looking with “the eyes of our heart”. As we watched the video we wrote down words that speak to us of what we know about the essential qualities of God. Words such as: abundance, provides security, is all about community, trusting, starkness, strength, comfort, new life, turning toward light, always in motion were some of the reflections we offered to one another.

To watch the nature image video, please click below.

We then discussed the many faithful ways that we have dealt with the isolation and sense of alienation from the pandemic by turning ever more closely to the interior “mirror of Christ” within us, to strengthen our connection with the holy. It was a beautiful time of sharing and reflection for the resourcefulness of God to pull us into exactly the right experiences to find solace and comfort.

We concluded our conversation by talking about Sabbath and the natural pattern established by God in the creation narrative: “doing” following by “being” and how this plays out in our spiritual lives, as we yearn to make our lives prayer, rather than incorporate prayer into our lives.

To pray along with Desmond Tutu our closing prayer taken from his book, “Made for Goodness”, please click below.

We meet every other Thursday at 2 p.m. Please email Mother Barbara for the Zoom link.

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