Scripture Study

Scripture Study

This past week we gathered first to hear the Letter to the Colossians read aloud, for that was what was always intended, that we would hear the good news, rather than read the good news, since it offers additional opportunities to engage with the sacred text. Often we find when we read the entirety of a book of the Bible, we gather a larger message, rather than hearing only a snippet of the text on Sunday mornings.

This past week we delved into this letter, which is attributed to Paul, but generally believed not to be Paul’s authorship. Several of the topics considered were: 1) prayer for spiritual wisdom, 2) exploration of the Hymn of Christ, 3) proper meaning of the crucifixion, and 4) maturing in Christ.

To download the study guide prepared by Mother Barbara, please click below.

Our conversations are designed to know the scripture at depth, to explore how they interact with our lives today, and to see the larger arc of the development of Christian thought. All are welcome to participate!

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