Early Church Writings

Early Church Writings

This past Wednesday, we gathered together, first to catch up, which was so delightful — and then to delve into Paul’s first Letter to the Corinithians.

We began, however, learning how to read scriptures so they aren’t merely a nice story on the pages of the Bible, but how we can learn more about the context of the letter, make connections with other the books in the Bible, begin to notice how Christian thought was beginning to develop, take a simple phrase, like “brothers and sisters in Christ” and think through what that means for us as Christians.

We then looked at the context of the letter, since that is always vital in understanding the audience of the book. We focused then on the two main teachings of this book: 1) Paul’s depiction of the Last Supper and the importance of it being equally shared among all classes of people; that there was to be no division in Christ and 2) Paul’s view of the resurrection, which was a spiritual, not physical resurrection.

To read notes about this session, please click below.

All are welcome to join us. We meet every other Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. (catch-up time) and 7:00 p.m. for the conversation and exploration.

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