Prayer Shawl Blessing

Prayer Shawl Blessing

We are blessed that we have a number of parishioners who can knit and pray, who can create something warm and comforting that can wrap around someone in need, and can offer it knowing that it has been filled with loving prayers during the creation of the beautiful prayer shawl.

We all know the gift of receiving a hand-made item, for we know it has taken that person thought, intention, care, and a lot of time to create this special offering.

When a prayer shawl is finished, Mother Barbara blesses it on the altar, the congregation is asked to bless or pray over it in the weekly e-newsletter, and then the shawl is delivered to those in need.

If you would like to join our prayer shawl ministry, please contact Lisa Woolley or Mother Barbara– we’d love to have you with us.

If you would like to receive a prayer shawl, please let Mother Barbara know. We are knitting our hearts out and now have a few prepared, ready to go to someone in need.

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