Community Meal Served

Community Meal Served

There is hunger in our neighborhoods and we as a church are committed to be there with the people who are hungry, meeting them, welcoming them, and feeding them. We continue our offering of the community meal twice a month (1st and 2nd Monday of each month). Due to the health situation of COVID-10, we have needed to change the way we serve, but we’re willing and able to do that. All our ministers wear face masks, to protect the ones who come to receive the meal. And we serve only “to-go” containers. We miss sitting at the tables with everyone and catching up on life, but we are blessed that we are still able to offer a loving heart and boxes filled with good home-cooked meals.

If you would like to join this ministry, please contact the church office at 717-532-8089 or email our Parish Secretary (Melanie) at She will get you in touch with our Community Meal Coordinator, Mike Stitt.

Recently there was a news article about our church serving this meal . My favorite quote is from Mike Stitt and goes like this: “We consider this meal part of our communion that we have every Sunday. We are not only nourishing the body, we are nourishing the soul, too.”

To read the full article, please click here.

We are blessed that we are able to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world. If you would like to make a donation to the parish to support our feeding program, which includes our Little Free Pantry, please write a check out to St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church and place in the memo line “Feeding Program” and we will use your check to ease the worry on the hearts of many families of how to have enough to eat.

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