Learning the sacred stories

Learning the sacred stories

Today our young people gathered to learn more about our sacred stories which ground and shape our faith, as they will do on the second Sunday of each month.

We are using the curriculum Teen Text which takes one of the scriptures heard in church that morning and then pulls it apart — offering context, explaining the story and drawing from our young people the importance of the story.

One of the most powerful parts of the time together was when they were asked to reflect upon whether they know of people who have been disregarded or “cast aside” due to a physical problem. This was the situation in the scripture story – of King Naaman having leprosy and being asked to bathe in the river 7 times to be cured. Several of our young people had stories of friends who had been made fun of or excluded due to their physical illness so they could understand the pain which Naaman felt and the desire to be made well.

The class also discussed the idea of bathing in the river 7 times (which is what Naaman was directed to do to be cured) as an origin for our current practices of baptism.

Having faith in God, as King Naaman was invited to do, is a good lesson for us all, in knowing, as our gospel story shared today, “our faith can make us well”.

Children and youth of all ages are invited and encouraged to come to scripture study. It is an important part of their faith formation and we are delighted to be able to offer it– plus they have fun together!

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