Youth Pre-Confirmation Class

Youth Pre-Confirmation Class

Every month our young people gather to ask remarkable questions and to learn about our Eucharistic service. We work our way through the Eucharistic service, this past Sunday learning about and creating our own Opening Acclamation and Collect (collecting prayer). Here’s an example of our young people’s great work:

Opening Acclamation —

Celebrant: Bow down and open your arms to the Lord; Let your soul be open to God; and thank the Holy Spirit for the forgiveness of sins.

People: We open our souls and feel happy. The forgiveness of sins is glorious!

The most important part of the class is when they are encouraged to ask any questions on their hearts. Their hands shoot into the air, with their minds racing, and their hearts wanting to know more about God than ever. They ask questions such as “Who created God?” or “Did those miracles really happen?”

This is an alive and energized group of young people who want to know God and know about God. How blessed we are!

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