Verger’s voice #37

Verger’s voice #37

The Door That Does Not Open

I was asked the question “Where does the door on Prince St (that appears near where the organ is) go?

I am sure a lot of people have wondered about this.  Here’s a door that looks just like the other doors of the church. It has a stone step to help you get in, a knob and it is facing a very busy street but it will not open. You can pull on it, turn the knob and knock for someone to leave you in but try as you may it just won’t open.  You may be surprised to know that it even has an address, 23 North Prince St.

If you look at old pictures and prints of the church you can see that this door was part of the original church building and at one time it was usable.  If you could enter it today you would find yourself standing beside all the organ equipment that you don’t see from inside the church.  From 1908 until 1929 when the Moller organ was install, this room was part of the chancel.  In all my digging into the history of St. Andrew’s I have never came across any drawings or pictures of that time frame, so I am not sure what this area was used for.  I have read that in the beginning except for special services, attendance was very sparse and on most Sunday’s everyone would sit in the chancel or choir area.  This would lead me to believe that there may have been pews there.

Our Moller organ is much larger than it looks.  What you see as you are walking up to communion is just the front part and the console.  Behind the wood panels and the gold pipes above, the whole room is filled with pipes, chimes, wiring and air tubes, plus all the framework that holds it together.  If you would venture in to the back area of the organ you will find two small walkways.  As you enter and walk straight ahead you will come to the interior side of the door in question.  From there you can turn right and walk behind all the pipes and etc. of the organ.  As crowded as it is we still manage to store some things there.  Two large stepladders, old torches, and the poles used along the pews at Christmas and at weddings can be found there.

For some reason after the organ was installed this exterior door was sealed shut.  I am sure it has something to do with the organ equipment being sensitive to changes in temperature and dust.  So it will stay closed.  If you would like to see what I have been talking about, you are more than welcome to take a peek.  There is a small wood panel door on the left side of the organ console, it is a little hard to open but it leads to the organ equipment area.  There is a pull cord for the light inside the right side of the door.  I am sure if you look after the late service on Sunday’s Jerry would be happy to tell you how it all works.  Don’t forget to turn the light out when you leave.

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