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Posts by Barbara Hutchinson (Page 2)

The Languages of God

Today as I engaged with the paintings at the Prada Museum in Madrid, Spain, I was aware of how both art and liturgy are languages, both of which express and reflect our beliefs about and in God and provide portals into the experience of the holy; with art, of course, using visual images and liturgy using words as the mode of expression. Since the church throughout history has been a major patron of the arts, today we saw a great…

“Cofee Hour for Kids”

This week at “Coffee Hour for Kids” we read the first Psalm and then asked each other to draw images that came to mind when each of us had heard it. Two big favorites were “the wind” and “the chafe” which after looking it up, we discovered it meant the empty corn husks that fly about int he wind. Each person could only paint with one color because we are going to put the pictures all together to make a…

Taize Worship service

In the vesper light, in the presence of the Spirit, in the calling of our hearts through music deeper into the holy, we gathered together to experience God in the simplicity of prayer, chant, silence, and communion. It was a time of a gathering of hearts turned toward God and it was beautiful. We then gathered for an amazing dinner, so we could carry the sense of communion into our community. Our hosts for the evening meal, Susan and Keith,…

Ways to Pray Formation Series

We shared the results of our Spiritual Type Inventory, which helps us know how to deepen our prayer life and understand the most natural way for us to grow into our relationship with God.

Coffee Hour for Kids Begins

It was a great start to Sunday School for all ages at St. Andrew’s this morning. There was much joy and laughter as they made their own musical instruments. Sing to the Lord a joyful noise!


We begin at the beginning …. in the place of our own soul, our own needs, our own yearnings when we begin our pilgrimage.

Mass on the Grass

Occasionally changing where and how we worship changes our perspective. It allows us to hear familiar lessons in a new way, invites us to see the church as “us” outside the building, and refreshes our sense of God in our midst while in the beauty of creation. Yesterday we worshipped on our front lawn, in the refreshingly cool air, and gathered together to praise God in a slightly new way. One of my favorite parts of the service was when…

Carson’s baptism

One of the most joyous occasions for a parish family is a baptism of one who becomes, for that moment, the world’s newest member of the Body of Christ. Baptism is a sacred moment that connects the person with the heart of Christ in a brand new way. We were blessed to welcome Carson into our hearts and into the fellowship of all other Christians. To read the sermon preached for us, with him in mind, please click here.

Diocesan A.T. Camino

Many from our diocese got up early each morning to hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail, after having received the hospitality of our fellow church members along the Way. It was a wonderful experience that stretched us in all ways and contributed greatly to our increased spirituality. The bishop led the way and we followed her over rocks, through pastures, deeper into the woods, and finally into good fun and fellowship at the end of the day. St. Andrew’s…