Pastoral Letter

Pastoral Letter

In the midst of the anxiety around the Presidential Election results, Mother Barbara sent a pastoral letter to the congregation, urging them to “be still and know that God is God” and that what happens next begins in our own hearts — and urges us all to “Let us choose love, not hate”.

To read her letter, please click here.

Please know Mother Barbara is here for you always for pastoral conversations. Please contact her, please email her at

Here is a prayer for you to hold in your heart, written by Susan Tyler, a vestry member.

Dear Father of us all, we are so thankful for your constant presence with us. We kneel before you now, your beloved community, painfully divided by disagreements and fears and divisions we may not even understand. Lord, we are anxious and weary. May we reach out to one another with compassion, may we offer love to each other without condition. Bind our wounds, banish our fears, and let us build a bridge, a bridge of shimmering light and abundant joy and healing, that we may serve you with a glad heart! Amen.
Offered by Susan Tyler, Vestry member
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