Worshipping together

Worshipping together

We are an incarnational people. Our faith tradition believes that God came within the human person of Jesus, to reconcile humankind and all of creation to God. That’s what the incarnation means — “in carnate” or in the body.

Our faith also believes that it is within and with our body that we worship God. This is why the beauty of the church, the “smells and bells” (incense of sanctus bells), the flowers, the bread and wine — all these elements of worship are important to us because it is through these that we are drawn into the sacred.

It is also through community, the gathering of bodies in worship, that we experience the divine. Therefore, it was marvelous to be together in worship last week, as we resumed in-person worship, with many safety precautions in place. To see each one of you walk forward to receive the blessed body of Christ is a moment I will always remember. There was such mutual and deep joy — and I could tell hearts and souls were formed, strengthened, received, and blessed, for this is the holy work of God as we engage with the sacraments.

Each person needs to make the decision about when to return to worshipping in person based upon their own circumstance– and that is right and good. We will continue to offer a recorded service for those who find worshipping at home to be the right choice for them in this time. I am also willing to come to your home, or to meet at church at a time other than during a church service, or outdoors in the Memorial Garden, to share communion with you. Please just email me or call me (717-333-5590) if you would like to arrange for communion.

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