Life Transformed: Blessing

Life Transformed: Blessing

We gathered by Zoom this past Wednesday — and it was WONDERFUL to finally see each other’s faces and hear each other’s voices. Gathering back into community, even after a break of just a few weeks felt holy and true.

We focused our attention around the spiritual practice of blessing, as part of our Lenten exploration of the series of Life Transformed: The Way of Love for Lent.

We tied the spiritual act of blessing one another with the Christian ritual of turning away from and then adhering ourselves toward something else. This pattern begins in our baptismal vows (renouncing the forces of evil before proclaiming our faith and trust in Jesus) and is a part of our regular lives. Much of our conversation then connecting this Christian ritual with our current situation of living with the pandemic of COVID-19.

It was a good time of being connected with one another in thoughtful discussions about our faith and life.

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