Instructed Eucharist

Instructed Eucharist

Engaging in the sacrament of Holy Eucharist is central to the lives of all Christians and is offered each week in the Episcopal Church. Part of our joy and responsibility as Christians is to enter more fully into this sacrament, to meet with intention and awareness the Presence of Christ, and to dwell in the holiness which nourishes, sustains, and saves us.

This past Sunday we offered an Instructed Eucharist, which meant two things: 1) the bulletin contained information about several key parts of the Eucharistic prayer, highlighting some of the history and tradition around the prayer’s origin or use. 2) a verbal invitation to one’s heart and soul at various times during the prayer to settle into what our hearts are celebrating at that actual moment. We came away from worship both “knowing with our head” more about this sacramental ritual and “knowing with our heart” the living and loving God with whom we enter into communion.

To read the script and to learn more about the sacrament, please click below.

If you would like to learn more about this sacrament or to share your experiences of engaging with the Holy Eucharist, please see Mother Barbara or Dina Carter-Ishler, our Field Placement Intern.

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