A Festive Sunday!

We celebrated and gave witness to the arrival of the Holy Spirit to the church as it began (Feast Day of Pentecost) and to our parish as we continue to live into the mission Jesus presented to his disciples. It was a glorious celebration! We prayed, preached, offered healing comfort and celebrated the renewing sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, only then to take the good news out into the world, as we processed to the Memorial Garden for the release of butterflies. Led by our verger, with sweet smelling incense flowing from the thurible, banners of a butterfly and dove, and envelopes containing butterflies ready to spread their wings, we gathered, prayed, and set the butterflies free. It is always with such delight that we see them take flight, knowing we have released them to live here among us, and to be a symbol of the Holy Spirit taking us out into our community and filling the world with love. I found it particularly poignant that some butterflies seems to purposefully fly directly to the church across the street — could it be the Spirit leading us all into closer connection? !! Here are some photos from our glorious celebration. Come Holy Spirit!

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