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Rector, Priest, and Pastor

The Rev. Barbara Hutchinson

Mother Barbara became the rector of St. Andrew’s in January 2012. She joyfully serves our parish as priest, spiritual guide and pastor. She was graduated from the General Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity Degree and ordained in this Diocese of Central Pennsylvania in 2008. She served St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Port Washington, NY as Assistant and then Interim Rector, before returning home to this area in the fall of 2011. Although Barbara embraces all areas of parish…
Vestry Member

Susan Tyler

My husband Keith and I love St. Andrews because of the welcoming acceptance that is extended to all who come through the doors. More than any church we have ever attended, the people here seem to want to share the love of God with each other and the community. We have such fun helping with the community dinners and other events. We feel blessed to be a part of the St. Andrews family.
Senior Warden

Christina Luo

I have chosen to make St. Andrew’s my spiritual home because it is a warm, positive community willing to explore many different facets of the Christian tradition with care and intentionality. Also, St. Andrew’s continually welcomes children with an eye to creating a safe and enriching space for them to grow in their faith.
Junior Warden

Jane Offner

In 1986, I attended a wedding at the Episcopal Church in Doyelstown, PA. The couple was not allowed to get married in the Catholic Church for one reason or another. The ceremony was very small with just a few friends. The families refused to attend. It was a beautiful night ceremony and the couple was so much in love and so happy that they could be married in a church. When I moved to Shippensburg and was “shopping ” for…
Vestry Member

Larry Shillock

Saint Andrew’s is my spiritual home because it provides a welcoming community to persons of many faiths and backgrounds. It makes all of us feel welcome. I love St. Andrews because it offers a celebration of God’s love in good times, bad times and everyday times.
Head Verger

Michael Stitt

A lay member since 2002, Mike joined the Vergers Guild of the Episcopal Church in 2010 and in 2012 obtained the rank of Fellow of the Guild. In the past the Verger was known as the protector of the church but in modern times this has changed to a ministry of welcome. The Verger helps in the planning of regular and special services, trains lectors, chalice bearers, ushers and acolytes, leads tours of the church and is available to answer…
Vestry Member

Steve Smith

I look forward to our weekly 8:00 a.m. service, with its quiet, meditative tone. The prayerful setting and Mother Barbara’s thought-provoking words are uplifting. We have also gotten to know many parishioners who are not only delightful, but represent wonderful models for living a Christ-filled life. We are most thankful to call St. Andrew’s our parish family!
Vestry Member

Lisa Turchi

The answer as to why St. Andrew’s is my church comes down to one word: community. When searching for a church years ago, we were greeted and engaged warmly here and ended our search that day, embracing St. Andrew’s as our spiritual home. Through the years, the missions of the parish, from programs for the youth to serving those in need in our area, have strengthened my ties to this community within and beyond the walls of the church.
Vestry Member

Laurel White

What makes St. Andrews my church or spiritual home? A few things, first I believe St. Andrews is a place of healing for those wounded by churches or church members in their past. Second, you only have to walk into St. Andrew’s to feel God’s presence whether there are people there or not, although the people at St. Andrew’s continue to live out the love already steeped into the very fiber of the church. Third, the fact is St. Andrew’s lives out…
Vestry Member

Mary Beth Williams

I first came to St. Andrew’s in May of 2014 right after we moved to Chambersburg from Sewanee, Tennessee. As all southerners do, I went to the church where I already had a “connection,” and that connection was between a Sewanee friend who knew Mother Betsy from their time together at General Seminary. Even on our first Sunday, my family instantly felt at home at St. Andrew’s. On the way home that first Sunday, we all talked about how comforting our experience was there and…
Treasurer & Vestry Member

Ken Dotson

St. Andrew’s embodies the larger Church we are part of and personifies the open arms of Christ Jesus. No one is turned away. It is this unending gift of love and support that makes St. Andrew’s not only my parish, for St. Andrew’s is our parish. Through our St. Andrew’s community I receive the sustenance to continue growing and evolving as a follower of Christ. I am grateful to have been led to St. Andrew’s.