Sermons on Stewardship

Sermons on Stewardship

Wisdom, like grace, comes unbidden. Proper 15 Year B

Wisdom, like grace, comes unbidden, often when we expect it least. We may suddenly see with clarity our next step forward that takes us beyond our own desires, our own selves, for with new eyes, we see differently our part in the emerging wholeness or completeness of a situation that previously had been beyond our reach. Wisdom, like grace, can be asked for and given to us by God, as in the reading this morning from the Hebrew Bible, when…

We are members of one another. Proper 14 Year B

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church The Rev. Barbara Hutchinson Seven years ago, when I was interviewing here at St. Andrew’s, the Search Committee had written a marvelous Parish Profile for all perspective applicants, outlining a lively   commitment to outreach, a devotion to worship, and  ongoing opportunities for both children’s and adult formation. I  pored over the material, absorbing it like it was the very air I was breathing, circling the phrases and sections I was most drawn toward, and writing in…

Thanks-giving. Proper 13 Year B

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church The Rev. Barbara Hutchinson Proper 13 Year B August 5, 2018 In our Epistle this morning, we hear the proclamation and directive to “Live a life worthy of our calling”. Understanding what our calling is, as individuals and as parish members as well as part of the larger Body of Christ, seems to be a necessary first step to doing this. Let’s begin this exploration with Frederick Buechner’s famous line that states “The place God calls…

Proper 8 Year A

The story of God asking Abraham to offer his only and beloved son, Isaac, to be sacrificed as a test of his faith reveals the hard truth that salvation is going to be a costly endeavor. It sets the story of God and our salvation on a trajectory we often resist, namely that there are costs to being faithful. It is more comfortable to believe in a God who is predictable, tame and safe, than to believe in a God who actually demands something of us, who asks us to offer back to God that which is most precious to us, who promises us resurrection, but holds up the way of the cross to get there.

11th Sunday after Pentecost/Proper 13

Yet, over and over again we learn from the tradition of the church and each other’s experiences that when we keep God at the center of our lives things work better. When we follow the way of Christ, life works better! Things work better because we become more aware of how precious our limited amount of time on earth is. Things work better because we become more aware of those around us and their needs and desires. Things work better as we focus more on God and less on the self-inflicted things that trip us up.

Veteran’s Day Homily

Last year Shaun Rogers delivered a beautiful homily. He looked good in his dress blues.. So I thought I would get dressed up in my dress uniform today. Well it seems that when you don’t wear those for a while, they shrink?

4th Sunday of Advent

I can’t believe there is no one else in history who has ever been more amazed at what God has asked of them than Mary; although I also believe each of us is asked something from God which would amaze and delight and scare us a bit. Mary was given something exceptional to do, a unique role to play in our salvation story ~ and yet to hold her as an exception, as someone asked of something we could never be asked to do, is to put God back into that temple, which is outside ourselves. Each of us is asked to say yes to God in a very specific and unique way to us.