Sermons on new life in Christ

Sermons on new life in Christ

What is killing us, is what will save us

It’s the oddest thing isn’t it, this paradox of Christianity — that it is through our vulnerability, our ability to bear our souls to God, to go into our woundedness, that allows God to work with our souls to save us. But it’s true — and we see this pattern play out in our story from the Book of Numbers. We invite you to settle into this homily by Mother Barbara during which she speaks of the freedom which can…


Over twenty years ago, in a parenting book I’ve long since given away, I remember reading an account of the Transfiguration story and strongly identifying with Peter. I can’t help feeling a little sorry for Peter because I completely understand why he responded the way he did, a reluctant character in this scene that goes from comical to monumental in just a few words. Taken high up this mountain by Jesus, with only James and John for companions, the physical…

Being Rich Toward God

To be “rich toward God”, is to be in balance, where our breathing in of God’s goodness includes our tending to our relationship with God, and our breathing out includes an exhale into our world of truth, love, righteousness, and care for God’s creation and God’s people.

a sad and scary story

This story becomes real for each one of us when we make that mark of the sign of the cross on our hearts and faithfully follow Jesus into the places that no rational person would traverse. That’s how we find Easter in our lives. Amen.