Ordinary Time 2015

Ordinary Time 2015

16th Sunday after Pentecost

Jesus offers us God’s invitation to take a different road.  Losing life to find life.  It’s not a very heavily traveled road because it is difficult, and yet at the same time wondrous. The unexpected lies just beyond each bend – things like grace, beauty, forgiveness, community.

8th Sunday after Pentecost

They can see it, feel it, and even if they didn’t recognize this divine energy constituting Jesus as the Messiah, they reached for it. They asked the questions, “May I just reach for the fringe of his cloak”, or “May I sneak in to steal a bit of healing”. They weren’t stealing anything. They were receiving freely offered compassion, God’s greatest gift. Jesus was able to turn to the sheep without a shepherd with compassion.

6th Sunday after Pentecost

Now the people in Nazareth are neither especially bad, nor blind, nor particularly unreceptive. They made a mistake many of us are prone to. They expected the ordinary, a human being, to do ordinary things. Or they expected extraordinary things to be done by extraordinary people. Not an ordinary person doing extraordinary things. They took Jesus at face value. They remembered Jesus as the kid who lived two doors down, who kicked the ball in the streets with his friends, or could be found in his father’s shop, learning the carpenter trade. The people of Nazarene couldn’t look beyond Jesus’ ordinariness to figure out how he could do extraordinary things. Instead they dismissed the whole package.