Lent 2016

Lent 2016

5th Sunday of Lent

When we give or receive love gone beautifully wild, when we love without counting costs, when we give extravagantly, when we pour out the ointment of our own lives, lavishly upon someone regardless of their deservedness, a healthy hallowing takes place within our own being. We create not a void nor an empty space, but an open place, which prepares us for the insight God desires to give us, which allows the space for Jesus to rule our hearts, and which transforms us into a translucent alabaster jar, ready to spill out the special ointment of our hearts. When we give love away, we create room for God to show up in our lives.

4th Sunday of Lent

Our selfishness denies the members of the community the opportunity to share the burden of our pain and suffering. Our selfishness denies the community the opportunity to perform the joyous work of healing within our Christian faith and calling. The selfishness we demonstrate denies our family the opportunity to love and nurture us. And we deny ourselves of the very

3rd Sunday of Lent

Our gospel story contains an invitation to trust that when we do bear fruit into the kingdom, when we do treasure what we have found to bring us joy, when we have met the needs of others, even if others don’t carry it forward, or value it as we do or did, we can trust that God does. When we live into the mission of God, and we tirelessly give of ourselves in creating whatever it is, a family, a ministry, a sense of hope within a community, we take our best step forward, and then leave the rest with God.