Epiphany 2016

Epiphany 2016

Last Sunday after the Epiphany

Silence can be a faithful response to listening to Jesus, if it causes us to listen more closely to others. Silence can be a faithful response to listening to Jesus if the silence shapes and strengthens our own voice to speak out more strongly against injustice. Silence can be a faithful response to listening to Jesus if it helps us attend to the words placed upon our hearts by God, which refuse to go away, and which pull us into our true selves and toward our vocation. Silence can be a faithful response to listening to Jesus’ voice if our holy hush is due to reverence and remembrance of the glory of God overpowering our hearts and souls.

Baptism of Our Lord

And through the smudges of the oil, nearly dripping down her forehead into her eyes, we open her third eye, the one the mystics speak about, the one in the middle of her forehead, and the one that allows humans to see spiritual reality. Her soul has been awakened, ready to join her discerning heart, her ever expanding and inquisitive mind, and her energetic and loving body; awakened to find the courage to will and to persevere, to engage the spirit to know and to love God, and to embrace the gift of joy and wonder in all of God’s works. Something is unlocked. The closed is opened. Her soul awakens in this moment. From here on out, she has the capacity to look both ways, to the eternal, infinite, and transcendent, and to the temporal, finite and immanent.

Feast of the Epiphany

The Magi’s coming to Jesus, like the family’s coming to their grandpa, was neither arbitrary nor serendipitous, but destined. For this is why we have been created: to exchange our gifts of love. This is how we are God’s people, reaching to be changed, moment by moment, into the image of Christ, by an exchange of gifts. For each time we give to someone that which says, “I know you, I love you”, whatever form love will take, whether in a smile, a caress, or in an honest conversation, they and we will be changed.