Easter 2014

Easter 2014

4th Sunday of Easter

Where did you first encounter the goodness of God? Maybe it was in your family at home, through a relationship with a parent or grandparent, or a favorite aunt or uncle. Maybe it was in that other sacred text which reveals God and God’s Word to us – the beauty of the natural, created world. Maybe it was through art or music, poetry or dance. Perhaps it was in a particular church or group that helped form you.

6th Sunday of Easter

Our being Christian is not really about us; it’s about us, as Christians, making a difference in the world. I love this about Christianity~ that the pattern of our life is to be renewed by worship to then go out into the world as the apostolate, the apostles, sharing the good news, making a difference to others.

4th Sunday of Easter

Trusting that Jesus is the Good Shepherd is the key to strengthening our faith in him. We will believe that our lives can change from terrible to wonderful because that is what God wants for us, life in abundance

3rd Sunday of Easter

Some of us may be on our road to Emmaus, walking in that darkness, waiting for the light to shine. Our horizon may be very bleak at the moment. And yet, our story reminds us that even in, or especially in, those gray and black places of our lives, Jesus walks besides us.

2nd Sunday of Easter

It is in the power of the Resurrection that its meaning is made manifest. And, I have found its power in the grace that God has always given us, and more clearly as that grace forms the meaning of the redemptive love of Jesus for us.

Easter Sunday

However, there is a broader context into which the gospel of John invites us. John’s focus in the garden, while it was still dark, on the first day of the week, is not the surprise of the resurrection, but it is of the importance and priority of Jesus’ impending ascension to the Father.