Adult Formation

Adult Formation

Jun 24, 2018

Holy Eucharist Worship Service

“Take, eat, this is my body given for you.” These words of Jesus invite us to the altar, to receive the life-giving grace of the holy, to be nourished, healed, restored, then sent out into the world rejoicing in the power of the Spirit. All are welcome. It is the Lord who invites you.
Jul 1, 2018

Approaching the Gospels

Each month we gather to reflect upon the scriptures together. As we heard in our reading from Acts on the 5th Sunday of Easter, “How can I understand without a guide?”. The Ethiopian Eunuch knew that he needed help to make sense of the scriptures. In this particular approach to scriptures which we use on the first Sunday of each month, we invite and encourage each other to offer thoughts and reflections on the scriptures as well as look directly…