Coffee Hour For Kids

Coffee Hour For Kids

When we asked the parents what they were looking for in faith formation for their young people, we heard very strongly they want weekly gatherings on Sunday to build community, study scriptures, sing together, explore prayer and crafts, continue to deepen youth involvement in worship, and to have family events that are related to mission. These results are amazing and wonderful — and we have responded by building a program to include all of these yearnings and which will provide our young people with spiritual practices they can engage with at home as well as questions that they can continue to explore with their families throughout the week.

Each Sunday, from 11:15 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., all the young people will gather together for “Coffee Hour for Kids”. This will be a time when together they will learn a prayer, engage in a spiritual practice, and then have a particular time of focus*, and join together closing prayer.

The opening and closing prayer will be the same for each season of the church year to help them learn the rhythm of our calendar and also so they have the opportunity to learn it by heart.

The spiritual practice will be geared for their ages and will tie into the particular Way of Love spiritual practice the confirmation aged youth will engage with that month. The regular practice of this way to encounter God will give them spiritual tools to use at home or at school when they yearn for the peace of God to be with them.

The time of focus will vary per week of the month–

1st Sunday of the month — Music led by Lisa Turchi and Mary Beth Williams

2nd Sunday of the month – Scripture study (This Sunday the age groups will separate for scripture study appropriate for each group: 6-10, 11+.)

3rd Sunday of the month – What it means to be an Episcopalian- this will be hands-on learning and engagement in our worship or tradition.

4th Sunday of the month – Ages 6-10 year olds will do a craft with prayer; Ages 11+ will engage in Confirmation Class, this year focusing on The Way of Love, which combines scripture, tradition, spiritual practices, and direct applicability to to their lives.

We look forward to all our young people joining us in this faith formation that will stretch their minds, feed their souls and provide them spiritual tools as they move into the rest of their week.