Spirituality (Page 3)

Spirituality (Page 3)

Church at Home Contemplative Worship service for October 3rd, 2020

Refresh your spirit as you listen, watch and participate in this beautiful and holy time of music, prayer, reading of the Holy Scripture and the Holy Eucharist. Prepare your hearts for a rest and refreshing. Click below to access the bulletin for this service and to participate from home. To view the video for this service click below and allow your spirit to be filled with joy.

Church at Home Worship Service for 9/13

We invite you to engage in a quiet, meditative, and relaxing service which will draw your heart closer to the presence of God through glorious music, sacred scripture, healing prayers, and the Holy Eucharist. We will pray together and open that space within us for the grace we need to be restored. The images have been chosen to reflect the truth of God found in the scripture and sacrament and expressed through the music. To engage with the service, click…

Worship Services for July 5th

To access the bulletin for our 8 am “Church in-person” worship service, please click below. To access our “Church at Home” worship video, please click below. To access our “Church at Home” worship bulletin, please click below.

Peace Prayer Flags

Sometimes, invitations come across our computer screen and our hearts seem immediately turned toward curiosity and engagement. That was true for me as I saw the offering by Oasis Ministries, through which I did my spiritual director training, for Contemplative Prayer Flags. I must admit, I was also intrigued enough by the thought that we could do this together sometime, so I wanted to see how they oriented this spiritual practice. I gathered my materials: 9” squares of fabric in…

Early Church Writings: Philemon

This past week we gathered by Zoom and had a fabulous conversation around a very short book in the New Testament: Paul’s Letter to Philemon. Perhaps because of it’s brevity, it encouraged us plenty of time to discuss some of the major themes, and to wonder together, why this book was first placed in the canon (books of the bible) and what would have been missing if it hadn’t. We found the book filled with the theme of hospitality and…

An Evening Eucharist

We gathered in our own homes, in our comfy and sacred spaces and entered into the presence of the Holy with intention and care. Through music, calming voices, beautiful artistry, and the soothing words of the Eucharistic Prayer, which always draws us into the presence of the Risen Christ, we found a place of peace and holiness. Although we cannot physically receive the sacrament at this time, we can engage in the prayer of spiritual communion, which is available to…