Living in Christ (Page 2)

Living in Christ (Page 2)

Give us this day our daily bread.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church The Rev. Barbara Hutchinson Proper 20 Year A: September 24, 2017 Give us this day our daily bread. These are familiar words we pray together every Sunday, right before the bread is broken in the Eucharistic prayer. Have you ever wondered why we pray these words at that particular moment? Right before Jesus’ body is broken so each and every one of us can receive and take within us the holy presence of Christ? Why does…

Wallowing in the messiness!

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church The Rev. Barbara Hutchinson & James Williams Proper 19 Year A September 17, 2017 MOTHER BARBARA When we come across challenging texts, sometimes classified as “texts of terror”, as we have today in both our Old Testament and Gospel reading, we have to decide how to approach them faithfully. It is tempting to embrace one of two less-than spiritually healthy responses – one, to ignore the tension or negative characterization of God and choose not to…

Putting on our own Christ-garment

September 10, 2017 14th Sunday after Pentecost Exodus 12:1-14 / Romans 13:8-14 / Matt. 18:15-20 The Rev. Carenda Baker preached at St. Andrew’s, Shippensburg Last week I was on my way home from Chambersburg and I stopped at the Sunoco station on Walnut Bottom Road, just where the entrance/exit ramps to Rt. 81, exit 29 are located. When I went inside to pay for gas, the friendly cashier greeted me, and then said, “Are you a chef?” I had no…
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