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Posts by Barbara Hutchinson (Page 19)

Mike Rhodes Commissioned as a Verger at St. Andrew’s

On July 31, Mike Rhodes became our newest verger. In a very special service, with vergers from our diocese present, and a letter from our Bishop read to him, and the parish family gathered around him, Mike committed himself to this service and was warmly welcomed into this ministry. Mike had successfully completed the training course from The Verger’s Guild of The Episcopal Church and was prepared for this duty. Here’s a description of the position of verger: VGEC (Verger’s…

Verger’s Voice – How our building shapes our prayer

Verger’s Talk – Your surroundings and your prayer October 11,2015 Take a moment and look around.  What does all this mean? Is there really an interaction between architecture or your surroundings and liturgy? I have worshiped in many places over the years, on top of a mountain and inside a cavern.  In large Cathedrals and Churches smaller than this.  In Presbyterian, Lutheran, Brethren, and a Russian Orthodox Church. I even got to visit a Buddhist Temple.  I attended a Jewish…

“Who is God?” Conversation Begins June 17

Join our conversation where we can talk honestly and openly about what who we think God is or isn’t and to discover not answers, but what questions are helpful to be asking about our relationship with God. Come  and experience God and learn more about what you believe. Just let Mother Barbara know you are interested in joining.