St. Andrew’s Calendar

St. Andrew’s Calendar


Jul 15, 2020

Early Church Writings

We will gather electronically to delve into the early church writings, or the Epistles, which are the oldest books in our New Testament. We will prepare by reading the text (each Epistle), learn about its context, history, key words, important theological concepts and significance in our current thinking, and then explore how it may have shaped our worship practices or how it fits into our life today. Our sessions will last one hour, with about 30 minutes of that in…
Jul 16, 2020

Early Church Writings … Continued Conversation

Join us this Wednesday evening as we continue our conversation around Paul’s writings which shaped the theology of the early church. This week we will begin our discussion around Paul’s letter to the Roman. Please, if you would like to talk with others, learn a bit, reflect a lot, and share community, join us this Wednesday evening. Email Mother Barbara ( to receive the Zoom link.