St. Andrew’s Calendar

St. Andrew’s Calendar


Sep 27, 2021

Ivy Kraker’s Memorial Service

We invite you to join us for the opportunity to celebrate the life of an incredible woman who shaped our life through her love, humor, wisdom, and truth. Our service will be filled with music, prayer, scripture, reflection, and the sacrament of Holy Eucharist. To download a bulletin for this service, please click below. There will be a simple reception following the service in our Parish Life Center.
Sep 28, 2021

Meditation or Centering Prayer

In these times when so much is overwhelming and life is pressing hard upon us, and every moment it seems as though we need to adapt yet again to one more thing, our returning to God is essential. This happens in many ways, through reading, walking in nature, studying the scripture, serving at the community meal, engaging in small group discussions, talking to our children about their faith — and so often the very best pathway to open our hearts…
Sep 30, 2021

The Universal Christ Book Group

We gather every other week to discuss the book, The Universal Christ, which is written by Richard Rohr, a Franciscan monk and a Roman Catholic priest. His writing offers an expansive way to view the difference between Jesus (the person who embodied humanity and divinity) and Christ, which is the presence of the Risen Christ, made possible through the resurrected Jesus, yet also was in the beginning with the presence of God the Creator. It’s a fascinating book which leads…