Meditation Apps

Meditation Apps

I imagine all of us have tried meditating at one time or another and gave up, because it can be so hard to do! Establishing a routine of setting aside time and intention around being still and in the presence of God is a huge challenge for most of us — until it becomes who we are, rather than something we do. And those of us who have tried it, even ever so briefly, often experience fleeting moments of peace and calm and we often will notice that the day unfolds differently, even if the whole time we were meditating seemed filled with annoying thoughts that seemed to just get in the way.

There are now many Apps which can help us establish and enter deeply into a meditation practice. I’ll highlight two here, but if you have suggestions, please let Mother Barbara know. She’d love to include the resources that have worked for you!

Insight Meditation

This App offers over 8,000 guided meditations, which can be a helpful way to enter into the spiritual practice of meditation, as well as offering a meditation timer, offerings by over 1,000 of the world’s best meditation teachers, and groups available if you want to connect with others as you delve into this practice of entering into the stillness which revives our soul. Here’s the link to their website.

Calm Meditation App

This App is designed to reduce anxiety, help you sleep better, and to feel happier. It was wonderful sleep stories which ease you gently into restful sleep, offers meditation techniques and guided meditations, and offers meditations designed around specific areas you may be working on (healing relationships with others, reducing anxiety, noticing your body and where you hold stress) and all the time helping you increase your self-awareness and need for a sense of peace and calm in your life.…