Have you ever yearned for someone to talk with about how God is moving in your life? Have you ever wondered what God is calling you specifically into? Have you ever searched for purpose in your life, and weren’t exactly sure how to discern it? Have you ever wanted to know how to organize your life so you can hear and respond to God more faithfully?

spiritual direction

Well, if any of these statements are true for you, we invite you to contact Mother Barbara for individual spiritual direction. Mother Barbara was formed in spiritual direction through the program with Oasis Ministries. She is always honored to walk alongside someone as a spiritual companion, to listen deeply, ask insightful questions, and create a sacred and trusted space.

Discerning your vocation, developing and being attentive to your prayer life, and ordering your life to listen closely and deeply to God are important spiritual pursuits. Having a companion on the way can make a difference. Contact Mother Barbara for more information or to make an appointment to give it a try.