Sermons from December 2019

Sermons from December 2019

Wondrous love

Our faith journey can sometimes feel like a roller coaster ride. There can be moments of intense excitement, awe and fear as we near a mountaintop experience, before dipping down into the depths of our soul. And there can be times when we can feel lulled into momentary complacency as we chug along the track in a steady rhythm. There can be times when all our attention is focused on a particular spot or turn when God grabs our full…

Darkness IS Where Incarnation Begins

This is the ultimate power of this moment out of all the countless moments in human history- now that God has broken into our scarred and tear-soaked world it will never again be exactly the same. It will still be scarred and hearts will still break and darkness will still contend with light but at this very moment hope has been born- and we have been forever changed. Into both heartbreaking and glorious circumstances of our lives this birth will come, just as it did on that holy night and it is as if we too are kneeling there, seeing, wondering, imagining what it can possibly mean to us. We can bring our own gifts of all our human imperfections and longings and raw emotions and utter exhaustion…and lay them down at the manger. There, they will be safe, and so will we, made whole by this moment when all is made one- Emmanuel, God is with us.

Our truth & God’s truth

We can’t stay in or return to that place of utter communion we all experienced in Brian’s hospital room this week, but we can be determined to live out of that moment. We can allow the sense of shared love, of openness to one another and God, to be what defines us as we move forward. We can allow God to give us the ability to see without blinking, to open our hearts to the wholeness which can and will be ours again. And we can allow God to hold us, tenderly, fiercely, and with steadfast love. For in that release of our souls into the heart of God, we will find and fall into the truth of God, and we will be restored and saved.