"resurrection" Tagged Sermons

"resurrection" Tagged Sermons

3rd Sunday of Easter Year B

Once the disciples’ minds were opened and they finally understood who Jesus was, he called them into action and through them, he called all generations that followed, down to our day, down to this church, down to this very moment in time. As you know, our risen Lord is here, right now, to tell us who he is, show us his unconditional love, give us his peace, allay our fears, open our minds, and send us into the world in his name.

“Reach out your hand” – 2nd Sunday of Easter

The holes in Jesus’ hands and the sword-inflicted wound in his side, from which blood and water flowed, showed Thomas that he is not asked to believe in a God whose new life in Jesus obliterated the worst of humanity, pushing aside the ugliness and violence , ignoring the places of pain or horror or absence, but rather to believe in a God who went into that brokenness and breathed the possibility of new life into all the shattered places, because that’s how the resurrection can make a difference to us.

Come, it is the Lord who invites you. Easter morning Year B

So, come, you who have much faith and you who have little, you who have been here often and you who have not been for a long time, you who have tried to follow and you who have failed. Come, it is the Lord who invites you.  On this Easter morning, this invitation to the Eucharistic prayer tells us that this altar where we will break bread together, belongs to God and not to any particular church. It speaks to…

2nd Sunday of Easter

With the power of the resurrection made manifest through the healing offered by the apostles, we first know that healing is what the resurrected Christ is all about. The apostles were given this power so that they could continue Jesus’ primary mission: to heal the world.

Easter Eve Vigil & the First Eucharist of Easter

We must sit in the tomb for a bit first, allowing our silence to stretch the space within us, where the voice of God can resonate. To sit into the tomb, we must first answer God’s invitation to allow God to remove the large stone at the entrance of our heart. The women in our story spent a lot of time wondering about how they were going to move the large stone from the tomb entrance, without bringing along resources to help with its removal. Perhaps they knew God would open the entrance for them. Our stone, at the entrance to the tomb of our heart, must also be removed, so that we can walk ever more deeply into the place where the unimaginable will be revealed to us. The unimaginable peace which can enter our hearts when we’re dealing with a difficult situation; the unimaginable resolve to forgive someone who has deeply hurt or betrayed us; the unimaginable release of someone we love to her physical death so their spiritual resurrection can be with us now.

4th Sunday of Lent

Lent is a time of repentance and decision. Let us decide to offer the worst of ourselves to the healing love of Christ, so we may be made whole; so we may life into all which God created us to be, for we can trust, that as God’s beloved was put to death upon the cross, beneath it all is the pulsing of God’s steadfast love. We are saved from our sins FOR life, not from death, but for life. Let us see the face of Christ peering through our brokenness, showering us with love, inviting us into all goodness, and making us whole

3rd Sunday of Easter

Some of us may be on our road to Emmaus, walking in that darkness, waiting for the light to shine. Our horizon may be very bleak at the moment. And yet, our story reminds us that even in, or especially in, those gray and black places of our lives, Jesus walks besides us.

2nd Sunday of Easter

It is in the power of the Resurrection that its meaning is made manifest. And, I have found its power in the grace that God has always given us, and more clearly as that grace forms the meaning of the redemptive love of Jesus for us.