Sermons by The Rev. Barbara Hutchinson (Page 14)

Sermons by The Rev. Barbara Hutchinson (Page 14)

9th Sunday of Pentecost

What risks have you taken for the gospel recently? Isn’t this a great question? It’s one we need to ask ourselves individually each day and one for us to ponder as a parish. What risks have we taken recently for the gospel? The question implies following Jesus involves risks and it is something to be attentive to each day.

8th Sunday of Pentecost

Jesus begins the process of spiritual transformation of the crowd by directing the disciples’ attention away from what they don’t have, to what they do have, and to invite them to look within themselves for the answer, not to look to others to solve the problem, such as the food markets in everyone’s home town. Jesus said, look at what’s in front of you first, and give thanks.

6th Sunday of Pentecost

Well, I believe the parable we heard today is incredibly relevant to each one of us, for it speaks to us about how to live faithfully in normal life, which is full of ambiguity; full of difficult choices, full of complex relationships; full of unending demands upon our time, emotions, energy and values.

Fifth Sunday of Pentecost

Or perhaps you are thinking of our church community and understanding that what makes us the rich and fruitful parish we are, the small parish who yields much fruit, is that those who are able to sow, sow; those who at this time in their lives need to feed on and consume the good news for themselves, like the birds, are able to do so; that those who are in a rocky place, who have nothing to give away at the moment, don’t need to, for the yield from others can carry them along. Perhaps that’s what being an expression of the Body of Christ is all about.

Trinity Sunday

All baptisms are miraculous events, for it is a moment of joining heaven and earth; when we choose and bind ourselves to God, and God to us in a brand new way, and we are formed into a holy union, the bonds of which can never be broken.

The Feast Day of Pentecost

Today we celebrate the Feast Day of Pentecost, often known as the birth of the church, since as Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit upon the disciples, he was breathing into their very being, Jesus’ own mission, of bringing all of creation back into unity with God.

6th Sunday of Easter

Our being Christian is not really about us; it’s about us, as Christians, making a difference in the world. I love this about Christianity~ that the pattern of our life is to be renewed by worship to then go out into the world as the apostolate, the apostles, sharing the good news, making a difference to others.

3rd Sunday of Easter

Some of us may be on our road to Emmaus, walking in that darkness, waiting for the light to shine. Our horizon may be very bleak at the moment. And yet, our story reminds us that even in, or especially in, those gray and black places of our lives, Jesus walks besides us.

Easter Sunday

However, there is a broader context into which the gospel of John invites us. John’s focus in the garden, while it was still dark, on the first day of the week, is not the surprise of the resurrection, but it is of the importance and priority of Jesus’ impending ascension to the Father.

Sermon 3 Lent

I believe scripture is written to invite us into God’s unfolding salvation story. We are integral to this process for with each story offered to us, we can find ourselves therein.

Sermon 1 Lent

One of the most grueling and yet formational parts of becoming a priest is preparing for and taking the General Ordination Exams. Seminarians are tested in seven canonical areas and the testing is spread out over 3 days