Palm sunday

Palm sunday

“All Glory Laud and Honor, to thee Redeemer King!”

These words began our procession with our blessed palms as we marched on Burd and Prince Streets, as the crowd did on that day in Jerusalem as Jesus entered the city from the Mount of Olives, hailing Jesus as the King of kings. It is a glorious moment filled with hope, optimism, and confidence that Jesus made a difference in our world.

These hosannas soon change to “Crucify him, crucify him,” as the Passion is narrated and dramatically proclaimed. In this Palm Sunday service, we experienced joy, mystery, tension, intrigue, and pain. In each of these emotions, we experience God’s redemption of the world, even though that tension is difficult to settle within.

We are all part of this great drama. The truth of the day is that we are all responsible, through our sins, for the Passion and Death of our Lord. The glory of this day is that we know by faith the truth of the Resurrection and the promise of everlasting life, which God offers to us through the sacrificial love Jesus showed on the cross.

We are not merely observers of this sacrificial love – we are participants in that love, for through this Palm Sunday service we become a part of God’s redeeming and saving work. This work is happening here at St. Andrew’s and is among us each time we leave our church and take the love of Jesus shown to us on the cross and bear it out into our world. Then, and only then, can we again shout, “Hosanna in the highest” for Christ is among us again.

Especially wonderful today were our young people who begin our service with instrumental offerings on the ukulele, comprised our brass section for the procession, carried the Gospel book proudly and reverently, read the “Jesus” and other important parts of the Passion, and came to the altar to receive the body of Christ, broken for them. We are blessed and thankful for the many who were with us today!