Join us for virtual and sacred Worship at St. Andrew’s

Join us for virtual and sacred Worship at St. Andrew’s

Central to the Christian faith is the call to gather together in worship so that we may be fed and transformed by the powerful love of Christ made known to us in communion and in the sacrament of Holy Eucharist and then to be sent out into the world, sharing that love and healing with all we meet.

In this time of the pandemic, our most loving response to each other is to refrain from being together, so as not to inadvertently spread the coronavirus. Therefore all in-person worship has been suspended through the end of the year.

This does not mean you cannot worship with us. We do continue to worship together as a Body of Christ, just in new ways. Each week we offer a creative service of images, music, sacred stories, reflection, and prayers for healing. The link for these services is on our home page.

If you would like to receive the sacrament of Holy Eucharist, we can do offer this to you in several ways: communion brought by the priest to your home, in the church (at an individually scheduled time) and by Communion under Special Circumstances. Please email Mother Barbara to discuss these options further so we can determine what is best for you.