Financial peace university update

Financial peace university update

On January 11th, 7 couples started a 9-week financial journey. They meet every Friday evening in the PLC. Together they are going through the Financial Peace University course taught on video by Dave Ramsey. They are learning about the 7 baby steps of the FPU program. Currently the course has covered the first 2 baby steps.

Baby step 1: $1000.00 in the bank to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

Baby Step 2:  Pay off all debt using the Debt Snowball.

At the beginning of the second class, the group calculated their total non-mortgage debt (car loans, credit Cards, etc). Their liquid cash, and the total number of credit card accounts open.

The total class debt for this group is: $255,349.00 In debt, and they have 54 Credit card accounts. At the end of the class. The group will calculate these numbers again and then see how much total debt was paid off.

On average, an FPU graduate pays off: $5300.00 and saves $2700 in 90 days. That’s a HUGE difference! I ask that you please pray for the FPU class and the families that are attending.

If you would like some information about Financial Peace University, or about upcoming classes please reach out to Mike & Kelly Rhodes.

What could the people of God do for the Kingdom of God if they were debt-free?

                                                    -Dave Ramsey