Church In-Person

Church In-Person

We are thrilled that with important safety precautions in place, we will continue to worship in our beautiful sanctuary this Sunday at 8 a.m. It will be marvelous to gather as the Body of Christ to receive the Eucharist (the Body of Christ) so that we may be nourished and strengthened in our resolve to “be the Body of Christ in our world”.

To review the Instruction Sheet regarding what to expect, please click below.

To watch the video that will show you exactly what to expect when you come to worship this Sunday, please click below.

It is important that we limit the number of people who worship together so that we may maintain safe physical distancing, so it is imperative that we know to expect you. Please let us know of your intention to attend, by emailing our Parish Secretary, Melanie Varner, at, or by emailing Mother Barbara at or call her at 717-333-5590.

We are committed to provide the number and types of services that will meet your spiritual needs. At the present, here’s our schedule:

Sunday, July 5th at 8 a.m.

To access the bulletin for this worship service, please click below.

Sunday, July 12th at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.

Sunday, July 19th at 8 a.m.

Sunday, July 26th at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.

Saturday, August 1st at 5 p.m.

Sunday, August 2, and 8 a.m.

To review the bulletin for this Sunday’s “in-person” service, please click below.

We are very happy to add additional services. Just let us know when you wish to engage in our worship and we will make sure we have worship available to you.

In addition, we will continue our weekly recorded services, so wherever you are, you can be a part of us. Check out the tab on our home page about “Church at Home”. If you have any questions or specific concerns, please call Mother Barbara.