Adult Spiritual & Faith Formation

Adult Spiritual & Faith Formation

We believe living into your faith takes your whole life. We never stop yearning, growing, and finding new ways to love and serve Christ. Mother Barbara is passionate about providing the resources so we can flourish on our spiritual journey and works closely with others to create a spiritual and faith formation program that meets a variety of spiritual needs.

Resources for studying scripture

“Give her an inquiring and discerning heart, the courage to will and to persevere, a spirit to know and to love you, and the gift of joy and wonder in all your works. Amen.” This is the prayer offered to someone who has just been baptized. It’s an important statement about what we believe Christian life entails — asking questions, wondering about how this all works in our lives, taking the time to figure out what God is asking of you, and…

Diocesan Stevenson School for Ministry

Whatever your heart yearns to know about the Bible, God, the History of the Church, the Church’s mission, spiritual practices and much more, the Diocesan Stevenson School for Ministry offers! They have a comprehensive listing of courses which are designed with YOU in mind, whether you are someone who sits in the pews and wants to know more about the context of the scripture you are hearing, or if you are exploring a call to be a deacon or a…

Academy for Missional (Spiritual) Formation Leadership Days

Our Diocese offers many ways that we can come together and be changed — for that’s what Christian life is all about, being transformed in our heart, mind, body, and soul, so that we can transform the world to be more like God’s dream for us. Leadership Days are offered many times throughout the year focusing on a variety of topics. The ones scheduled for this year will be centered on spiritual practices, storytelling, and intergenerational events which draw people…

Spiritual Direction Offered by Mother Barbara

Spiritual Direction is the art of engaging with others with the hope of discerning where God is moving in one’s life. This practice is different than pastoral counseling or spiritual friendship as it has one clear focus: God. Often the session begins and ends with prayer and may contain times of silence while we wait upon the voice of God to be heard in a particular situation. Mother Barbara is a licensed Spiritual Director, having received her training through Oasis…

Spirituality in Nature

God speaks to many of us clearest when we are out in God’s creation, our beautiful earth. One way to deepen our love of God is to spend time hiking, praying, and contemplating in nature. We have been studying Celtic Spirituality which stresses the intersection of creation and the cross as part of our path of redemption. We’re going hiking in an Old-Growth Forest to strengthen this connection between our spirituality and God’s creation. We will travel to either an…

Meditation or Centering Prayer

Meditation or Centering Prayer. “Be still and know that I am God” comes from our psalms and is a great reminder that we often find the presence of God in the moments we when we silence our mind and body through meditation or centering prayer. We also all know that meditating in a group is much easier than maintaining an individual practice, so come and join us in this relaxing and centering time of releasing ourselves into the peace of God.…

Retreats (Day Long or Weekend)

Day-Long Retreats – There are times when we just need a longer time with God and others to explore some topics that have been pulling at our heart for a deeper look. We will provide an opportunity to settle into the experience of being away from our busy life to explore a particular topic in more depth than a Wednesday evening allows. Here’s what we will be learning about together:

Contemplative Celtic Eucharists

Contemplative Celtic Eucharists – There are times when we worship with more silence, with meditative music, and with a different setting to draw us more deeply, and in a different way, into the mystery of Christ. We center our contemplative Eucharists around Celtic saints and offer the Holy Eucharist with language taken from the Celtic tradition. We will offer three Contemporary Celtic Eucharist this year (4/21, 9/8, and 12/1).

Lenten Study & Devotional Opportunities

Lent is a time of looking inward, of resting more deeply with the holy, of self-examination to see what may be blocking us from fully loving God or from doing what God is asking of us. Lent is also a time of repenting, which doesn’t necessarily mean turning away from or feeling sorry for what you have done that is wrong, but rather repentance is the act of stretching your mind to what has never been before.

Wednesday Evening Gatherings

Approximately every two weeks, a group of seekers gather at Mother Barbara’s home for a time of sharing a meal, engaging in conversation, deepening friendships, and focusing in on a particular topic designed to stretch our hearts and minds in our understanding of and relationship with God and to develop new spiritual practices and experience spiritual companionship. Please see the calendar on our website for dates and times of these events.

Approaching the Gospels Together

On the first Sunday of each month we gather to glean insights from the gospels. This particular approach compares the texts of the three synoptic gospels (Mark, Matthew, and Luke), looking for similarities and differences. We then delve into the text, exploring questions, and sharing our insights. This is a time of exploration and conversation. The goal is not to all come to the same conclusion but rather to open up the text so each one of us can come…

Daily Prayer Practice

Prayer is a way for us to be in touch with God, to listen for God’s voice, to share the depths of our heart and soul with the holy, to align our heart with God’s heart, and to be restored to the image of God from which we were created. Daily prayer sets aside time each day for this interaction with God and shapes our lives so we may shape the world into God’s dream.