Early Church Writings – Gospel of Matthew

Early Church Writings – Gospel of Matthew

We continue our exploration of the Early Church Writings, working our way into the Gospel of Matthew. This past week, we read aloud the first 5 chapters of the gospel and then delved into the historical context, learning about Matthew’s take of Jesus as the “new Moses” and how he built his case for that connection, between the genealogy, wise men, exile into Egypt, baptism, and then the Sermon on the Mount (on the mountain as when Moses received the 10 commandments on mt. Sinai)/ We spent time intentionally sitting with and reflecting upon the beatitudes, how they connect with Matthew’s gospel, and what they mean to us now.

We continue our study on Wednesday, 4th. Please email Mother Barbara for the Zoom link.

For the study guide, please click below.

The image shown above is of the site near the Jordan River where Jesus offered his teaching on the beatitudes.

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