St. Andrew’s Virtual Choir

St. Andrew’s Virtual Choir

St. Andrew’s Virtual Choir – September 2020

This month we will be singing the beautiful “Bless the Lord My Soul”, by Jacques Berthier, which is song #9 in the Taize books.

As before, we will provide a conductor track for you to sing along with according to the instructions which immediately follow.

You will hear an introduction by Mr. Gorman, and you can begin your part on the downbeat.  Please sing two verses with the piano and then sing one more verse a capella, following Ms. Turchi from the conducting track.  If you wish to receive your part as a separated audio file, please request to Bill Hutchinson.  If you have any questions about the procedure or technology, please direct them to Bill Hutchinson.  If you have any questions about singing your part, please direct them to Ms. Turchi.  Thank you!

What to Do?

In a nutshell, you will record your singing while watching a conductor video and at the same time listening to the base track of the piece through your headphones.  When you follow the conductor – after hearing the beep tones – we are sure you’ll be lined up with everyone else and when you plug in your headphones we will be sure we get ONLY your voice on your track!

What You’ll Need

·        TWO devices – the easiest will be a laptop computer or tablet so you can easily see the conducting track AND a phone to actually record, but two phones will do

·        A pair of headphones, preferably earbuds for appearance, but use whatever you have

·        A video-plus-audio recorder: your phone’s standard app will be fine, or similar on tablet or computer

·        A quiet room – try to close windows, turn off A/C momentarily, send the dog to the movies

·        Dress for best contrast on the video – solid colors with no logos

·        A helper to hold the device doing the recording – don’t hesitate to ask us to do that for you if you so desire, we can work out the best location


·        Have the printed version of the piece in front of you – let us know if you need a printed copy, we’ll be happy to get it to you

·        Prepare the device on which you’ll play the conducting track and get ready to start the conductor track

·        Have your assistant prepare the video recorder (e.g. simply the camera app on a phone), but don’t start recording yet

o   Click play on the YouTube video link embedded below and follow the instructions for allowing the BEEP to be recorded, plug in your headphones and then have your assistant start the recording

o   BE SURE to follow the video so you record the BEEP and stay in synchronization

o   If you need help, let us know

·        Sing your part!

·        When the music finishes, remain still in concert pose for about 5 seconds.

·        Have your assistant stop the recorder.

·        Play back what you’ve recorded; if you aren’t completely happy with it, just repeat these instructions, that’s the beauty of this process!

·        When you have a version of the recording you like, upload it with the submission link below; make sure you use the last one, the one you consider the good copy.

·        That’s it.

Submission Link

Copy your video here to submit it.

Conductor Track

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